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No High School offering for 2019!

By Soon to be announced • For ages 11-18 (particularly good for seniors)

We're really sorry, we don't have a high school offering for Australia for 2019! If you've got a primary school attached, make sure you check out our 2019 Primary School offering – The Tortoise and the Hare! Or if you have friends in New Zealand, please tell them to check out our New Zealand tour of Battle of the Bastards!

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For ages 11-18 (particularly good for seniors)

Australia 2019 Pricing:

We're really sorry – our 2019 high school offering will only tour New Zealand! But if you have a primary school in VIC, TAS, SA or WA – please check out our primary school offering. Thanks so very much for your support since we started touring Australia 7 years ago. We look forward to visiting you again soon :-)

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